Benefits of Latex:
  • Enormous level of punctual elasticity
  • active body support
  • maximum comfort
  • wide range of applications in the private and commercial sector
  • noise-free system
The natural resilience of Helux provides the ushioning comfort that is unmatched by spring and foam mattresses
Hypo – Allergenic
Bacteria, mould and mildew cannot live in latex.
Superior Pressure Equalization
Relieves pressure that can cause you to toss and trun.
Natural & Orthopedic Support
Comforms to your body dynamically.
Homogenous Support
For your body contour that is superior to spring mattress for back and spine support.
Natural Aeration
The ultra micro-cellular open cell structure promotes natural breathing and air circulation, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night.
Dust Mite Resistance
Proven experiment shows that latex is 3 times as resistant as foam mattress to dust mites.
Keeps your warmer in wrinter and cooler in summer.
Environmentally Friendly
No harmfull chemical is used in HELUX production.
Long Lasting
Made of rubber,not polyurathane, a plaztic foam.


HELUX presents new collection with 7 – Zones Natural Latex Mattress innovation, combined with new design styles.
  • Instantly Responds to body shape, ensuring proper conformability and support

  • Air circulation for natural breathing and good initial contact telling

  • Pressure relief, less tossing and turning, resulting in rejuvenating sleep

  • Posture zones catered for optimal posture and lumbar support

  • Diversified latex enables the creation of mattress zoning concept

  • A million of ultra-fine interconnected open-cells foam to follow body contour

  • Pure and natural latex is set apart from synthetic or mixed late


Pocket Spring provide extra comfort. Their most outstanding feature is their high level of punctual elasticity, where only the actual load-bearing springs are compressed. This provides the body with optimum support during sleep.

The main advantages of pocket springs: