Hoogan Orthopedic

A perfect combination of Chiropedic foam and 100% Natural Latex, covered with Belgium knitted fabric to support healthy sleeping posture and to ensure restful sleep. Arnold One mattress utilizes Helux Pocket Spring units as the base of the mattress, which makes it become the best orthopedic mattress.


comfort level
Thickness: 30cm
Comfort level: firm
A combination of chiropedic foam and 100% natural latex to provide the best support for your back.
Enjoy restful sleep on this special foam, supporting healthy sleeping posture.

Keep your bed fresh and hygienic with a zippered mattress cover for easy removal (washable).
Absorb heat to reduce the overall mattress temperature for a cooling sensation.
100% natural latex
Natural rubber with soft texture, cooling, elastic, hygienic and long lasting.