From Our Factory to Your Bedroom.

100% Natural Materials

Helux latex mattress begin in the form of rubber sap collected from rubber tree. The rubber sap are whip into froth, pour it into molds and steam bake it into blocks of latex foam. The production process are done safely without toxic flame retardants, free from chemicals and dangerous pesticides.

In its natural form, latex are anti-dust-mite, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial and therefore latex mattresses are perfectly suitable for user with allergies.

Advanced Technologies

At Helux, we believe in innovation, to deliver the most advanced latex mattresses that will bring you the best sleep that you desire.

Helux Latex Mattresses ensures healthy blood circulation during sleep hours, no odor, no noise when bearing weigh and allow air to circulate naturally. As a result, body heat escapes from mattress immediately which helps to regulate your body temperature to keep it cool.

Our 5 Zone Helux ® Pocket Spring System ensures body weight is evenly distributed to minimize pressure spots by adapting to your body shapes as pressures applied and thus keeps your spine at its natural positions.

Quality Assurance

As part of our commitments to deliver only the best products to you, quality assurance plays a major role in our production process. It begin from sourcing only the best components, applying the best mattress construction process and ensures the strictest quality checks procedures. At the end, you will get the best Helux Latex Mattress up to the highest standards.

15 Year Warranty

Helux Latex Mattress has been recognized by Indonesian World Record Museum with an award for 'The Most Spring Used in a Mattress'.

This recognition justify our commitment to deliver only the best product to you and on top of that, we offer 15 Year Warranty to give you a peace of mind and let you enjoy the most out of your Helux Latex Mattress.